Credentials ‚Äč- 

Over 45 movies, 15 TV shows and 60 commercials

Ivana Chubbuck, L.A.

Beverly Hills Playhouse, L.A. - Jeffrey Tambor, Milton Katsalas

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, N.Y.

Roundabout Conservatory, N.Y.

Master's Degree - creative writing and English literature, University of South Alabama

2014 Distinguished Alumni Award, University of South Alabama

Bachelor's Degree - English literature, University of Maryland

Private Coaching and Career Counseling - 

Audition Preparation - work together to find interesting choices, raise the stakes without getting "dramatic" and make it "real" for yourself.

Cold Reading Technique - learn to make bold choices quickly and connect with the auditioner, even when you don't know the lines.

Career Counseling - inside information and wisdom drawn  from over 20 years in the industry. 

Directors - learn the language of actors and how to collaborate with them to create the best possible performance. 

(Also available via Skype and Face Time)

CONTACT for private coaching or guest teaching

Guest Teaching - includes the Los Angeles Film School, Loyola University and Laura's alma mater, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York as well as the Los Angeles branch.

University of New Orleans Adjunct Professor - instructing graduate level directors on how to work with actors.

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