It's late 2009 and the Saints are undefeated on their way to the Super Bowl. Fresh off the Los Angeles red carpet of the movie she produced and starred in, vivacious Charlotte Reade heads to her family home in New Orleans for the funeral of Sassy, the woman who helped raise her mother. 

When Sassy's "adopted" twin daughters ask brainy and tenacious Charlotte to help them find their birth mother, she heads down a path that starts in a laundromat in the 1950's and winds through costume experts and a burlesque tour before landing her on the infamous Bourbon Street.

Along the way, Charlotte reconnects to her own family history, uncovering clues to a family secret and the ghost who's said to protect it. As her funeral trip extends through the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, Charlotte struggles with her dedication to the career she worked so hard for and the intoxicating draw of the culture, romance and soul of the city she's always wanted to call home.

“Laura has an amazing grasp of what New Orleans is. I could smell it! And that's a good thing!”
- John Schneider

Perfect for locals wanting to relive our city’s most victorious coming-together since The Battle of New Orleans as well as visitors hoping to catch that feeling, the story includes actual tours people can take, shops and restaurants they can visit and musicians they can see perform.

I've created a YouTUBE Playlist that includes videos of music, parades and other events, places and people mentioned in The Secret of the Other Mother.

The PINTEREST board also includes photos of many of the people and places mentioned as well as clues.

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