Dedicated to Carnival, concerts, cuisine and culture of New Orleans, LAtoNOLA originally started as ​"One woman's journey from LaLaLand to the Big Easy." Though my family has been from Louisiana for hundreds of years, I didn't move to New Orleans until 2009. At first, I wrote about settling into a new city and a very old culture. I covered things like getting my car street legal and my first big storm. 

Then the Saints made their way to the Super Bowl during Mardi Gras and I starting wanting the whole world to know what it felt like to be here for that moment (which later became the inspiration for my first Charlotte Reade Mystery). Over time, I went from observer and researcher to behind-the-scenes to a participant in the city's parades, concerts and culture. In 2013, I joined the Pussyfooters, a parade dance troupe of about 120 women over-30 wearing pink corsets and white combat boots and I've been dancing in the streets ever since. 

People in over 100 countries have discovered LAtoNOLA as it's evolved into a unique resource capturing context, history, and insider-outsider translations of our traditions, cuisine and colloquialisms. Whether you're relocating here, planning a trip, or wondering if I caught a photo of your high school band on parade, I've tried to make the blog user-friendly with categories, tags, a search engine and pages including my favorite things and links to many of the restaurants, musicians, clubs, events, charities and cool things I've mentioned. You can even find local t-shirts, greeting cards and gifts I've designed and interviews I did with Richard Dreyfuss and Jeff "The Dude" Dowd.

New Orleans is my home and my heart. Though I still write about my industry and Los Angeles on occassion, LAtoNOLA has become a long love letter to this city and its Carnival, concerts, cuisine and culture. 


Endymion Extravaganza - My First Ball

Street Musicians - Tanya and Dorise

Big Easy Birthday​​